A 3-month online course for leaders
who want to make a difference

Starting on the 15th of July
Learn how to create A-teams with shared values, work culture and responsibilities.
We have faced the same
struggles as you...
Feeling overwhelmed with responsibility?
Command and control is not the type of leadership I am striving for. I am tired of centralized responsibility and making decisions.
How can I distribute the power and responsibility in my team?
Lack of engagement
in a team?
I value and appreciate my team. I believe we could achieve much more if they were more engaged on the way to our common goals.
How can I motivate my team and let them bring their strengths to the worksplace?
Lack of knowledge and skills to self-organize?
I perceive the increasing complexity and think about introducing self-organization.
How can I make sure that it will work in my team/organization? What do we need as a team/organization?
After years of research and
experimentation we have found a different way to work
In this online course we have combined the most important principles of self-organization and human-centered leadership.
What should you expect from the course?
> Сomprehensive knowledge about human-centered leadership and self-organization
> Principles of Sociocracy 3.0
> Leadership styles
> Roles in self-organized teams
> Purspose in self-organized teams
> Hybrid models of human-centered leadership and how to apply them
> Learn about your current leadership style in the pre-course assessment and learn how it changed at the end of the course
> Test human-centered leadership and instruments of self-organization in settings of your own team
> Analysis of the challenges with experts/mentors
> Buddy system
> Space for group feedback and support
Here are some topics suggested by us, however every course will be unique. Every leader brings a lot of knowledge and experience that the group can profit from.
Also your preferred topics and pressuring challenges will be addressed during the course.
Course in a nutshell
You will work in a group of max. 8 peers
3 months + pre/after assessment
3-5 hours a week
English and German

1.860 €

We know even great leaders have to start somewhere and at the beginning budgets could be very limited. We want to offer equal opportunity for everybody and we think money should not be an obstacle for becoming an impactful leader. Let us know if you need a scholarship, we'll find a human centered pricing :-)
You will define and practice your human-centered leadership style, learn about self-organization and how it can be introduced in your team. And the best is - your team will learn and progress with you!
Who we are and
why we care about your leadership

Enikő Bálint
Leadership Coach and Trainer
Working over 10 years with large international corporations and startups, Enikö has a deep understanding of the challenges, companies face in the digital world. Due to her technical background as a software developer and management experience as a team leader of 22, in her current consulting activities, she builds a bridge between technology and people.
In 2015 she founded beteal, an innovation consulting company to support organizations in becoming agile and therefore adaptive to market changes.
She consults companies in the following topics with a holistic approach: digitalization strategy, IT architectures, new organizational models, company culture and leadership.
She majored in Computer Science and she is a trained Design Thinking facilitator.
She has facilitated numerous workshops and trainings for a diverse audience, e.g. startups and bigger corporations. She is also a speaker raising awareness of the importance of company culture and self-organisation.

Nora Sarga
Leadership Coach and Trainer
Working several years with startups, Nora brings hands-on experience from the startup world. Leading event management at Pioneers Festival for several years, she gained an overall insight into the startup and innovation ecosystem worldwide.
Currently she supports companies in finding product-market fit by validating ideas, creating prototypes and facilitating ideation processes. She also consults companies about new organizational models, business model innovation and company culture.
She majored in Communication Science and she is a trained Design Thinking facilitator.
She has facilitated numerous workshops and trainings for a diverse audience, e.g. startups and bigger corporations.

Maria Galaykova
Having a Bachelor degree in Psychology, Maria brings valuable knowledge into the training program mainly in the field of Organizational Psychology. During her Master Studies in Germany, she gained insights into innovation, which knowledge she later deepened in her position as Product- and Project Manager. At m.o.o.con she became more familiar with the new world of work and self-organization. She drafted and implemented Industry 4.0 office concepts.
Sounds good to me.
Where can I learn more and ask questions?
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Philipp Stangel
Managing Director
Pioneers Ventures
The workshop with beteal was indeed eye-opening for the founders of our portfolio startups, as it made them think about their corporate culture and the way things are done at their companies, in completely new ways. Together with the insights from the introductory keynote, everybody went home with a lot of new ideas to implement in their company.
Christian Adelsberger
Founder and CEO
Parkbob GmbH
Parkbob was looking for a partner who can kick-off our company culture and vision process. beteal exceeded our expectations in a lot of aspects. In comparison to others they did not just force some methodology on us but really tried to understand the uniqueness of our organisation. The team was very hands-on, adaptive to our needs and fun to work with. I would definitely hire them again.
Kim S. Gjerstad
Founder and CEO
We have a team of 8 people in 7 different countries. beteal joined us for our annual team meet up to help us build rapport and a feeling of belonging thanks to practical exercises and workshops. Their experience and perspective also validated what we do right and what can be improved.
Astrid Napetschnig
Personal Development and Training
UNIQA Insurance Group AG
"We heard, experienced and learned a lot about startup methods. With their welcoming spirit and methodological competence, Eni and Nora created a fantastic startup day for us, which we won't forget soon."
Nikolett Dely
Erste Group
On behalf of Erste Group I would like to thank you for taking the initiative to bring our Team together by organizing our team building. We had a lot of fun and I could not have imagined a better Project Go Live celebration than what you have brought to our table!
Viktoria Kremer
Human Resources / WD
Raiffeisen Software GmbH
The beteal design thinking workshop is a well structured event, full of Information and practical use cases. Due to an excellent trainer team it is understandable and easy to follow also for people outside of the IT field. Highly recommended!
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